Welcome to the site that aims to spread awareness about the cocaine addiction that is plaguing New York as well as the rest of the state. Cocaine Anonymous in New York is a non-profit organization that offers assistance to people who struggle with cocaine addiction. Check articles on the site for more info.

How It Works

Cocaine is one of the drugs that cause both physical and psychological addiction. It isn’t as dangerous as heroin, but it can still destroy your life and lead to premature death.


The first step in abandon your addiction is accepting that you have a problem. People who can’t accept that the cocaine is ruining their lives won’t leave it after the process other organizations, and we offer.


Seeking help is hard, especially for people who cut all of their social ties due to drugs. Cocaine isn’t an anti-social drug, but people tend to reduce their close relationships away if they use it. Help from close people is essential in every drug treatment.


The will to persevere is what will get you off the cocaine. Group sessions are there to provide you support, but none of that will succeed if you aren’t willing to go clean. Finding a goal and investing yourself in it is excellent as it will get your mind away from the drug.

Our Goals

Our goals are transparent and somewhat simple as we only want to reduce the number of drug addicts that suffer due to their addiction to cocaine. No addict realizes to which extent their addiction is ruining their life which is why we are here to show them that and to support them once they choose to do something about it.

The Team

We wouldn’t be able to provide support to cocaine addicts if we didn’t attract professionals who know how to interact with them. This means that our team consists of professional therapists and other specialists. We also employ former addicts who overcame their obstacles and chose to assist others in doing the same thing.

Still Doubting?

  • “I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t for this organization. They provided all kinds of support during my worst time. I am clean for over a year at the moment, and they are the ones I have to thank”


  • “Going through withdrawal from cocaine was hard, and I wouldn’t have succeeded if this organization didn’t back me up. A friend told me about them, and that prompted me to contact them and become clean, which I am now”


  • “My friend got clean two years ago and advised the same for me. I took his advice and approached this organization, and in few days it will be a whole year of being clean”


  • “Skepticism I felt toward this organization melted at the same moment I got to talk with one of their therapists. If you are like me then contact them and let their pros do their job”



This blog is a forefront for our organization. This is a place where you can come and read about dangers of the cocaine and other things that are connected to this subject.