Cocaine – A drug that everyone wants to try

It’s a sad thing to say, but cocaine is one of the drugs that every individual thought about trying at least once in their life. The same thing applies to weed as well. People don’t consider cocaine dangerous as it is and thus they are willing to check what it is all about. The only problem is that cocaine is highly addictive and only a few people resist the urge to use it again.

The best way to avoid having to deal with cocaine addiction is never to try it. This drug can and will destroy your life. Trying it once may be great, but you can’t guarantee that it will be the only time you try it. Just think about the reason you want to try it. Is it to avoid other problems? If it is then don’t try it as you will become addicted in a matter of days. Just think about everything you will have to throw away because of the cocaine, and you won’t even think about trying it.

How does cocaine addiction happen?

People are fragile creatures, and many different factors can push them into the world of cocaine addiction. Some try cocaine due to some past trauma and childhood experiences while others do it to fit in. Then there are those who use cocaine because it is available to them (they have enough money to use it on a regular basis). All of those lead to addiction.

People become addicted to cocaine because they don’t know how addictive it is. This drug creates a state of bliss and euphoria, and everyone likes that. Continuous use of this drug causes the body to develop a resistance to the same. This means that an addict needs more cocaine to experience the sense of euphoria they felt in the past.

Those that become addicted to cocaine have to be high at all time as they can’t function without the drug. Their lives revolve around using cocaine so they can be “normal” and interact with people without any problems. Individuals who use cocaine for a prolonged amount of time have it hard if they decide to change their lives and stop using the drug.

Addicted to cocaine

Why are people reluctant to abandon cocaine?

Several factors prevent people from merely letting go of their addiction.

The first factor is the physical dependence. An addict has to use cocaine because it makes them feel great. Their body craves the drug, and their mind is too weak to resist.

The next factor is the withdrawal avoidance. Addicts know how harsh withdrawal can be and they are afraid of experiencing pain and discomfort that comes with that process.

Another crucial factor is the tolerance. It’s hard for the addict to go clean if they use cocaine for a long time because the tolerance forces them to take a lot more cocaine. Higher the amount of the drug the addict takes means stronger withdrawal symptoms. This is why it is easier to quit if you use a small amount of cocaine rather than huge amounts on a daily basis.