Severe cocaine addiction withdrawal – Hell on Earth

Cocaine is a nasty drug that wreaks havoc in the brain of the abuser. Unlike heroin that has severe physical withdrawal symptoms, coke works mostly on the mind which means that the majority of withdrawal symptoms are psychological. This, however, doesn’t mean that cocaine isn’t as dangerous as heroin is. On the contrary, cocaine is more dangerous than heroin because a lot more people abuse it because they think it won’t harm them.

What is severe cocaine addiction and what it represents?

A severe addiction to a drug means that the addict has to use it to feel normal. If they don’t use it for some amount of time, then the withdrawal symptoms will appear. These symptoms are psychological which means that they can be as dangerous as physical symptoms, but they aren’t as noticeable.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms include everything from difficulty to concentrate, exhaustion, and fatigue to nightmares, depression, restlessness and suicidal thoughts. Some of these can lead to serious medical issues and even death (suicide). Cocaine can also cause physical withdrawal symptoms that include nerve pain, tremors, and chills.

Cocaine detox isn’t as painful as a detox from other drugs, and thus, in the majority of cases, medical assistance isn’t necessary. Group sessions and the support of a professional is enough to help the addict go through the detox process.

But, in some cases the medical support is essential. This kind of assistance is necessary if an addict relapsed after detox that didn’t involve medical aid. In this case, the addict has to spend at least 24 hours under surveillance after which he has to go through the same process other addicts go through.

Cocaine addiction

Cocaine – The drug of the rich

Cocaine is one of the most expensive drugs and therefore it is preferred by the rich. Many actors and other celebrities had to deal with cocaine addiction because they had the money and the opportunity to abuse this drug. Not all of them manage to overcome their addiction. Those that fail usually end their careers because few people want to work with known addicts.

Individuals from middle strata use cocaine as well. The problem with that is the purity of the powder they use. Dealers tend to cut the cocaine with various medications to increase the amount they can sell to addicts. Those from middle strata have no choice but to buy what their dealers offer. This can lead to serious medical problems as the mixture of the drug, and those additives can lead to various diseases.

Withdrawal from cocaine that isn’t pure is also harder than withdrawal from pure cocaine. Additives that dealers use can cause various physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that make it hard for the addict to go through the detox process and come out clean.

We always try to help addicts, no matter whether they are rich or poor. Now, whether they will relapse or not is up to them as we can’t do anything once they finish their withdrawal process.